About Travel Health Resource


Travel Health Resource® is a single source provider of comprehensive travel health information, products and resources. It is designed to meet the needs of venturous and corporate travelers, travel clinic patients and tour operator clients. Travel Health Resource™ is designed by our medical director, James Allen, MD PhD, to give you the same comprehensive travel health information you would receive during a consultation with him in his travel clinic.

Travel Health Resource® is privately owned and has no commercial sponsors. We are very proud of our continued independence. Any product, manufacturer or commercial source is listed after independent research by us. This website does not accept advertisement.



Travel Health Resource® currently spends a portion of the profits on philanthropic causes. We are sincerely aware of the need for health care in developing countries. Dr. Allen has seen the need while doing medical missionary work in Kenya and Peru and observing the medical needs in Ecuador and Nepal. As a result, we continually support the following humanitarian organizations:

Kenya, Africa:    Upendo Village, NFP - A project designed to respond at the local level to the needs of women and children living with HIV/AIDS. www.upendovillage.org

Nepal: America Nepal Medical Foundation - A foundation committed to supporting the Nepali people’s ongoing efforts to enhance their health status. http://americanepalmedicalfoundation.com/